Planning Your Trip

Lan Ha Bay - Ha Long Bay


Halong Bay devides into 3 different areas (Halong Bay center, Bai Tu Long Bay and Lan Ha Bay near Cat Ba Island), now all these areas are possible to discover on overnight cruise trip. The Halong Bay center is easier to access with over 500 boats but this area is becoming overcrowded. Therefore, travelers are seeking “off-the-beaten-path” itineraries of discovering charming gems in the Halong Bay area.

Unlike its famous twin, LAN HA BAY reserves a more pristine look with more intense concentration of over 400 limestone mountains and nearly 139 beaches, suitable for ones who prefer a more tranquil hideaway from robust city life.

We love to bring you memorial adventure in the Gulf of Tonkin. The journey via Lan Ha Bay is less touristy, less inhabited, cleaner blue water offering a different view from different angle.  Dark & Bright cave, Ba Ham cave, Peaches Beach, Tra Bau area, Cat Ba Island, Viet Hai village are among the attractive destinations during your trip.