15 thousands square kilometers of the Bay, only some of those have been discovered. The most popular is the UNESCO World Natural Heritage Halong Bay Center and other parts rest much less touristic. We aim to help our visitors to explore the magnificent, primitive, beauty of the Bay and the surrounding. Together with our local sincere staff, Cozy Boutique Cruise has spent time building the design for comfortable fleet, at the same time respect the tradition design of boats in the area. Our visitors will experience the natural wonders of Halong Bay by kayaking, fishing, meeting local people to discover their work and their daily routines in the fishing villages on the island and cruising among the thousands of karts islands rising steeply from the sea.

We try to develop a sustainable business associated with local job creation to help young people in the villages of fishermen. We believe that our work will bring opportunities to young people to have chance to change their attitude in life, to have hope for a better future, to meet other cultures enriching their experiences, to better understand the important of protecting our environment.

Cozy Boutique has focused on developing comfortable and traditional boats to bring guests to the remote areas in the bay, and our staff show their highest attitude of sincere, honest and enthusiasm of local Vietnamese.
We have built 2 types of high quality boats – Ocean Cruise, and the newest 2019 built Cozy Boutique Cruise. Each boat has a number of staff from the local region. After studying, the crews are trained in skills relevant to our specialized tours. A trip on one of our boat leaves both passengers and crew with a greater understanding of each other.

Thanks to our staff’s efforts, the Company continuously receives love from Guests coming from all over the world. TOGETHER MAKES LIFE BETTER!