Lan Ha Bay & the Legend of the Region


Once upon a time…! Our childhood has begun with this wonderful phrase. Folklore & legends are an integral part of Vietnamese culture as it is in many countries around the world.

Legend says that long ago, when the country was newly formed, the Vietnamese forefathers had to fight against fierce invaders coming from the North by sea.

Knowing this, the gods from the heavens sent the Mother Dragon and her children to help the ancient Vietnamese people to defend their country.The dragons descended upon the earth, incinerated the invaders and spat jewels of emerald and jade that upon hitting the land, turned into great islands and islets that formed invincible defensive walls that the invaders could not overcome.

After driving away the invaders, the Mother Dragon and her children did not return to the heavens, but stayed in the mortal world. To this day, the dragons lay on the lands they helped protect. The seas rose but it is the dragons that form the bays iconic mountainous landscape.

Located on the south of Halong Bay zone, Lan Ha Bay, home of Cat Ba Island, spreads over an area of more than 7,000 ha, of which 5,400 ha are under the management of Cat Ba National Park. You can start your journey from Cat Ba Island or from Tuan Chau City while the administrative boundaries place Lan Ha Bay within Hai Phong Province (not Quang Ninh Province, to which Halong Bay Classic belongs), the similarity in its formations, which some 400 islets scattered over the area, means that locals and travelers alike mutually acknowledge it as a part of the vast Ha Long Bay zone.

Lan Ha Bay reserves more pristine scenery with an intense concentration of limestone mountains, which the sea surface has partitioned into smaller bays and gulfs. With over a hundred beautiful, small beaches lying at the feet of the mountains, there is no problem finding a nice spot for swimming, organizing a private beach BBQ, or kayaking.

Lan Ha Bay, like a hidden place, shows its scenery thanks to its unspoiled and magnificent natural beauty. For those who look for less-crowded destinations, this journey is fantastic for not only activities on the Bay, but also a lush landscape of the biggest Island in all of Ha Long region. A combination of relaxing cruising with a more sportive as walking, cycling, or trekking in national park of Vietnam which was recognized by UNESCO in December 2004 as a Biosphere reserve of the world.