Common Asks & Answers


Do we get pick up from hotels in Hanoi?
•    We arrange shuttle bus with quality of comfort to pick up visitor from hotels in Hanoi Old Quarter. Pick up time is 7:30 AM – 08:00 AM every morning. You are recommended to have breakfast and be ready at hotel’s lobby.
•    Pick up request at Hanoi Airport is available, it can be handled by private car only.
•    Pick up request at Hanoi train station (Lao Cai arrival) is not available, as you arrive early at 5:00 AM from Sapa while our shuttle bus- pick up time at 7:30 AM. You can choose to get back to your hotel in Hanoi Old Quarter or contact us to arrange pickup point where you can relax, having breakfast before shuttle bus picks up. We do suggest you to come back to your hotel in Old Quarter for a smooth pick-up.

Do we have kayak during the itinerary?
Kayaking is a part of itinerary included in price. This program gives you more time to kayak in the bay. You will have longer time for kayaking in 3 day 2 night program.

What should I bring on board?
You are recommended to bring: sun glasses, environment protected sun block, wide brim hat, insect repellents, swimming suites (in summer) or warm clothes (in winter) and original passport.
Tips: You can also bring some Candy, cookies, books, notebooks, pens, pencils or other learning tools for children and elderly in the fishing village.

How many luggage should I bring on board?
You should bring with you the necessary ones as there is not much space on shuttle bus and it is also more convenient to travel light for boat trip. Because we will drop you at the same hotel after boat trip so you can leave your big suitcase at the hotel. If you need to go directly to Airport, train station or to another destination you can bring your entire luggage.

How can I make payment for the trip?
When you book a trip with us, there would be a deposit required (30% – 50% of total price). You can choose to do deposit via direct bank transfer, VTC Pay (Credit card online payment) or Authorization letter with relevant bank fee request. The most popular one is VTC Pay with detail Guideline and Term, Conditions. The balance of the trip can be paid when you arrive in Vietnam by cash or credit card. You are recommended to visit our sales office in Hanoi for payment and other details.

Can I order meals on boat as vegetarian or special diet?
We are willing to prepare alternative menu for your food requirement. Depending on your food request, our cook will prepare the most suitable one. Please, inform us in detail of your special food request at least 1 day in advance.

How safe is your boat?
•    All the boats are equipped with life vest in cabin, public area, life rafts…
•    All the boats are maintained every six months and daily technical supervision.
•    Our staffs are well trained to deal with emergency and safety control.

When is the best time to do boat trip?
Summer is good time to the Bay, you have time to enjoy thousands of limestone islands in the Bay, swimming, kayaking and visiting fishing village under sunlight. However, summer is hot too with high humidity in air. The fall and spring and even winter you can have great time there.

Do your boats sail or run by motors in the Bay?
Our boats run by motors in the Bay due to carrying many passengers and cruising for long distance.

How far is that from Hanoi to the embarkation?
The distance from Hanoi to the Embarkation is about 160km that will take you 3.5 – 4.0 hours. Our shuttle bus will pick you up at hotels in Hanoi Old Quarter from 7:30 – 8:00 AM. Please be ready as the bus cannot stop for long in Old Quarter. During the transfer, you will enjoy countryside landscape with rice fields, water buffalos; villages… Our bus will arrange a stopover on the halfway around 10 minutes for a break.