Cai Beo floating fishing village


Located approximately 1.5 km from the center of Cat Ba town, Cai Beo floating fishing village are sheltered, quiet and scenic. This is very convenient for living and fishing.

Cai Beo is recognized as one of the most precious relics of the Northern Coastal area. This is an ancient fishing village with the largest scale known in Viet Nam. There are more than 300 fishing families living around here with around 1000 residents, of which 300 are children. The village is closed to the port, luckily, children living here can have chance to go to the island to get an education.

The development of tourism and new policies given by the government has brought a new breath to the people living around the village. Nowadays, people earned their living mainly in catching fish, seafood farming and doing business on tourism. We try to give our hands in providing jobs for local people, buying local products…. We do hope to not only bring lovely excursions to our Guests but also to do some efforts in building a stable life and responsible acts to the locals.

A short visit to the village will show you a difference way of living of local people. Catching some daily moment of life and remembering those as a part of your journey to Vietnam.